Modern Home Designs

At Maughan Building we are a Perth  custom builder of modern home designs including Hampton Style HomesTuscan HomesFederation Style homes  and many other luxury home designs and modern home designs.

Of all the different styles of architecture we do, modern architecture is the style we are most commonly renowned for creating. The most important element of any style of architecture when producing a design is to make sure it’s classy, stylish & practical. The appearance of being modern is probably the hardest to maintain and making something seem timeless is a real skill.
I’m incorporating a selection of materials in this definition of modern. The form of the building should take priority and if the designer has real talent, there should be no need to include a ridiculous amount of materials. In fact, including a wide range of different material elements at the elevation of a modern style home will more often than not detract from the look rather than enhance it.

An excellent tool we use nowadays for a modern design is the use of 3D renders as this gives us the perfect gauge to explore the different colours and textures of materials during the design phase. The 3D renders we use are so lifelike, we are often asked where particular projects have been built. Above all else it gives our clients the peace of mind to reinforce the fact that we are professionals, but more importantly that they don’t have to stress about what the finished product will look like, because the image is right there in front of them.

A home needs to be designed from the inside out and the design needs to practical and functional – only an exceptionally talented designer can do this. Yes, the elevation might look stunning but on closer observation the internals of the home are impractical and the only time this will come to light for an untrained eye will be in the construction phase. Naturally this is far from an ideal situation. To help safeguard yourself make sure you get references from your potential designer and follow them up. Request to view their homes and you may well be surprised by the results. It’s natural instinct for people who have a good experience to be keen for others to experience the same and likewise to protect others if they were unhappy with the outcome.

Modern architecture is subjective. When designing your modern home the simplicity needs to be in the design. Keeping the form of the design simple will not only keep the design timeless, but by keeping the materials to a minimum you are well on your way to having an excellent modern designed home to come into fruition. Unfortunately or fortunately, we at Maughan Building Company are pigeon holed to some degree for modern homes to be our main design style and you only have to look at our Custom Built Home page to realise we have one of the most talented design teams in Western Australia. I have been working alongside the same designer for well over a decade and his work continues to improve, much like an aged wine.

I love building his homes and everyone gets excited in being involved in his projects. It funnels down the line; the tradesmen and women’s comments are the first to be noticed as they have been involved in many projects over their careers for different builders and can clearly identify the success of a design at a very early stage. It’s the detail that gets included in a modern style home and the transition between different materials that can make a project ping.

The beauty about choosing a boutique building company is your whole building experience will be much more enjoyable and personal. You’ll be dealing with the same people throughout and when you want to speak to the project manager or designer, it’s not a case of chasing through a long chain of individuals. For those who have previously built with a larger company and experienced the frustrations that often involves, you will really value this benefit.

Creating a complex modern style home is an art but at Maughan Building we have the skill and expertise to see an amazing modern design come to life. Our team of designers, builders and tradespeople are among the very best in Western Australia and we bring an unrivalled level of passion to our work. You will end up with an enviable modern style home that will stand out for life as being something special and not replicated elsewhere.

Modern Home Design & Building Checklist

Plus we take care of everything. Here’s your check list so you know exactly what you’re getting:

  • Modern design carried out by one of the most talented designers in Perth, with true testimonials
  • Working drawing
  •  Engineers
  •  Building and water authority approvals
  • Advice on selection of building materials
  • Highly personalised service
  • Build right through to turn key
  • Passive Solar Design
  • Air conditioning design
  • If you want a pool we can help you with that too
  • Landscaping plan; we can connect you to the right people

When you choose to build your home through Maughan Building you’ll never look back. Our commitment to delivering something modern, unique and individually tailored to meet our clients’ needs is second to none. We will always be at the end of the phone for you or ready to meet in person and you won’t be left waiting day after day for answers to those all important questions.

For an obligation free consultation call us today and we’d be delighted to sit down with you over a coffee and discuss your dream home.