Custom Home Designs

At Maughan Building we design and build custom luxury homes.  Our home design and build was awarded the HIA Perth 2018 Custom Built Home of the Year.

If you are considering whether to engage an architect or not for your luxury custom home design, please consider this.

Why You Should Use Maughan’s Designer Rather Than An Architect

One of the considerations for many prospective customer is whether to engage an architect for the design of their custom luxury home. I’m going to give you some solid reasons why I think you shouldn’t engage an architect.

The biggest complaint I have come across when potential clients have engaged an architect for a custom home design is that the build budget is not met. I had a lady quite recently who came to me with her architect drawn plans that another builder had costed up for her.  Her budget was a substantial sum – $1,400,000, not a bad budget when considering the home was just for one person. None the less, once she got the price back from her builder the price came in at $2,000,000. She was so upset with the process, she on sold the property, in my opinion the building industry had failed her. This is not an isolated incident, but certainly illustrates the importance of meeting build targets. “a plan you can’t afford is a useless piece of paper”.

So lets talk figures, the thing I like about numbers is they never lie. Architects fees can vary between different firms, the fees can range from 5% to 14%. I’m going to base it on a conservative 5% – I cant get any fairer than that… lets say you are building a $1,200,000 build and let’s also assume that the Architect is going to administer the contract at 3%. The custom home design concepts are going to therefore cost you $60,000 and administration another $36,000. Couldn’t you find a more constructive use of your $96,000? Plus if some additional detail is required through the build, this will be charged at an hourly rate. But it gets worse, in the example of the lady from Swanbourne, had she proceeded the fee structure would have been calculated on the 2 million dollar build.  To add insult to injury the architect now has another project funded by you for their portfolio.

Maughan Custom Home Designs

We are a boutique home builder that focuses on the Design & Build of Custom Homes, if you have a look through the designs page on our website it’s a testament, we are quality custom home designers. My claim is that we can match any Custom Home Builder Perth in the design and construct realm in Perth. A massive claim I don’t deny but you don’t need to take my word for it… I invite for you to speak with our past clients.

OK Rob I here you say, what have you got to offer? For the purposes of this exercise I’m going to increase the odds in your favor. I’m going to base your design on a $2 million dollar project, in fact why not make it $3 million its not going to change… For me to provide you a quality Custom Home Design, site plan, floor plans, elevations PLUS a 3D render so you can imagine how your home will look finished. The design concepts once complete, means I will be able to give you a fixed price with a detailed specification, based on a HIA fixed price contract, your cost just $10,000 plus gst. Now I here you say, come on Rob that’s too cheap? My partner and I are going to see out the rest of our lives here, this needs to be a quality Custom Home design!?!  Its so cheap in fact, anyone that’s hell bent on using an architect for their Custom Home Design could easily run with both options in parallel. We will still be able to save you more – I already have a $96,000 head start!

We are quality Custom Home Builders, we can provide you with a quality custom Home Design that is practical, functional and stylish.  We are passionate about what we do, and are committed to get the best result for our clients.

Why not give us a call when it costs nothing to chat… I’m Rob Maughan thanks for reading