Luxury Home Builder Perth

What is the definition of a luxury builder? Which part of the luxury defines the luxury builder; is it the design, the specification or the quality? I’d probably suggest it should be all of these things, but most importantly it should be the journey. You don’t go to a 6 star restaurant and just value the food or whether or not you got sick – of course not! It’s the whole experience. You turned up at your favourite venue and were greeted by the staff, a fabulous setting that has been complimented beautiful furniture, gorgeous cutlery and an incredible atmosphere.

Wonderful company always makes for an excellent evening – superb wine is a must and of course a fantastic culinary journey is the pinnacle of the evening. Every second builder claims to be a luxury builder these days, but if you compare it to dining at a 6 star restaurant, is in fact the experience luxurious?

A luxury home is of higher specification than a project builder. The quality should be at a higher level, the level of detail with luxury home designs is more complex and the design is generally of above average footprint. Okay, let’s say you have all of these, have you got a luxury builder? The answer is no if you are not treated like you are special, been lead from sales to prestart, to construction, all your selections made prior to starting onsite and even when you get to the end of the project there is another department just to hand over your new home.

The larger company has half a dozen supervisors and to be honest, unless you have a serious issue onsite you never meet ‘the builder.’  If there is any issue post construction, there is someone else to sort out your maintenance. The most important note that I haven’t mentioned thus far is that during this whole process you are paying a premium for the privilege. Does this sound like they’re rolling out the red carpet for you? Or are you simply a number in there system. Don’t be fooled by expensive marketing – you have to be smarter than that. Read my post on what are the benefits of engaging a small builder rather than a large, well known builder.

This is my definition of a luxury builder. The whole experience is followed up by one person – the builder – who is involved from the initial design right through to handover. I know the intricate details of your whole project right through the build. Why? Because the builder is actually supervising your project. Be warned though, you actually might get to like me and a lot of past clients have fallen into this trap before. I designed and constructed a home for some wonderful clients in Dalkeith 15 years ago and still catch up for coffee and get invited over for salmon steaks.

Mutual respect isn’t written into the contract, but it sure goes along way. Respect is never assumed, it’s always earned. It’s the point when my clients realise that all I want is the best result for them, the whole dynamics of the experience changes.  They become the next advocates of Maughan Building Co. Building a home for some can be the most expensive investment that you will ever make and there is a much bigger investment than a financial investment; an emotional one. Your family is most likely to grow up here, you will spend the biggest investment of your life. This is your precious time and it should be an enjoyable experience and one that after it’s finished you’d happily do it all over again. As luxury custom home builders for the Perth market, this is the experience we want you to enjoy.

If building a true luxury home experience is what you are after, I insist that you talk with my past clients who have invested in a design and construct home through Maughan, where they are treated with silver service rather than as purely a number. This can only be achieved by taking on selected projects each year.

Once you have purchased a plot of land the most important and integral part of building a luxury home is design. Regardless of how meticulous a builder is, without a fantastic design the building project will suffer. It’s not by chance I have the best design teams in Perth and you just have to have a look at the designs we have on our custom built page to appreciate what I am saying.

At the moment, we have a home build in Attadale and I’m more than happy, by appointment only, to show you through the project and give you some insight into the natural flow of the house, making it practical and functional, and yet still incapsulating the river views as you navigate through this fabulous home.

“Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for its timelessness” Frank Gehry

Just as the design is such an integral part of a successful project, so the selection of materials is a critical part of your journey and our service. We are here to guide you through this process to ensure your home will be practical and stylish 15 years from now.

Luxury Home Building Checklist

A complex style home is like a piece of hand crafted furniture – if it doesn’t get the love and attention from a true artisan, it would never be an amazing piece of furniture. It costs no more to have a custom builder, so why not have the builder actually building your home? This way you are guaranteed someone who is passionate, knowledgeable and highly skilled. We take care of everything. Here’s your check list so you know exactly what you’re getting:

  • Luxury home design carried out by one of the most talented designers in Perth, with true testimonials
  • Working drawing
  • Engineers
  • Building and water authority approvals
  • Advice on selection of building materials
  • Highly personalised service
  • Build right through to turn key
  • Air conditioning design
  • If you want a pool we can help you with that too
  • Landscaping plan; we can connect you to the right people

At Maughan Building we are a boutique home builder of luxury homes including Hampton Style HomesTuscan HomesFederation Style homes  and many other contemporary home designs and modern home designs.

If building a luxury homes and genuine customer service throughout is what you are after, I ask you to consider Maughan Building Company. It costs nothing to chat and at least you know we will be with you every step of the way.