Why Maughan?

10 reasons why you should choose Maughan Building to build your luxury custom home:

  1. Deal with the Builder from Start To Finish –  We are a small building company that builds beautiful boutique homes where you will deal directly with me, Rob Maughan, the builder and company owner, from start to finish.  This reduces the chances of miscommunication and ensures that any issues can be resolved easily and promptly. For anybody who has built with a larger company will already understand and value this key point.
  2. No unexpected cost blow outs – This is huge for me – I pride myself on giving people a realistic price and hitting build targets. We offer a comprehensive price that spells out exactly what is included. Anybody who has built before and had cost blow outs that weren’t clear at the start will appreciate this. This is also an excellent question to ask my past clients.
  3. Your home is being built by the builder, not a supervisor – A larger company will have several supervisors, some better than others and some that may leave mid way through your project. Do you really want to risk this inconsistency on probably one of the biggest investments you could ever make?
  4. A Brilliant In-house Designer – An excellent design is paramount to having a stunning home. Our designer is very experienced and capable of many styles of luxury homes including Modern, Hamptons, Federation or Tuscan styles in particular. We invite you to ask our clients, it’s always better I think to hear this from a third party.
  5. No complaints to the building commission – Ten years of trading & no complaints. This can only be achieved by truly doing the right thing by your clients. Can my competitors boast this?
  6. Speak directly to our past clients –  Our past clients are the best endorsement for our company. Many of our clients are so thrilled with their home, we still get invited for dinner many years after handover. But please, we invite you to speak with them directly.
  7. Choose your selections during the build – We are more flexible to deal with, we ensure we get all the information during the building process. For anybody who has dealt with a larger company where they were forced to do all the selections up front, would understand this differentiation and how much easier this makes the building process.
  8. Better bang for your buck – We are more affordable than the larger and better-known luxury home builders. Why pay more for a big known brand? Wouldn’t a higher specification be of more value?
  9. We make the process less stressful – I can’t stress this enough (pun intended). Get references from your builder, if your builder is doing your design, get referees from past clients where he’s done a similar project to what you are requiring. In the absence of stress there is peace and in this space you are more likely to make intelligent decisions and enjoy the entire process of building your dream home.
  10. Traditional Values – Our company slogan is “Innovative Builders, Traditional Values” but what are traditional values. For us its honesty and fairness in all our dealings, its following through on our commitments or promises made, its being courteous and treating, you the client, with respect and  its listening to your suggestions and ideas.


Thank you for reading, I’m Rob Maughan director of Maughan Building Co