passive solar custom built modern home Incorporating passive solar in your modern home design

The combination of modern architecture whilst implementing a successful passive solar design, almost in a sense appears ludicrous. In fact quite, the contrary. Implementing passive solar in your modern home design doesn’t cost any more money and nor is it hard to do. However, it does require skill.

The analogy would be like an elite sportsperson, that superstar that shines above the average. Because if the designer hasn’t got a high skill set, the more time they spend on a project the further it gets away from being amazing. This comment may appear quite harsh but it is most certainly true.

You will hear me say this over and over in all my material; PLEASE get references and ring them if you going to undertake a design and build. You are investing a lot of money and without dealing with professionals it will cost you a great deal and you will typically realise too late in the process that there is not a single thing you can do about it.

The interesting thing about modern architecture, especially the flat roof style, is that you can include eaves and verandas where required to make the home as comfortable as possible throughout the seasons. In addition you have a huge flat roof/surface that’s just perfect for harvesting energy in the form of photovoltaic cells and or solar heating for your pool and solar panels for your hot water system. As Companies like Tesla keep improving and advancing the technology on the storage of energy, the demand for flat roofs will become more popular. Generally, depending on how they have been designed and the orientation of the site, this can achieve equal amounts of potential harvesting area as floor area. I doubt that anyone would require that much area, but having options is great, especially as technology is continually changing.

How cool would it be to have free heating/cooling, hot water, power and even free fuel for your car? Once these companies can perfect the storage of energy in a cost effective manner, this will be the future of residential energy. The family home “going off the grid” will become more popular and flat roofed modern style homes will be the ultimate solution. See the attached image of a property I built in Bicton. It is west facing, we incorporated a passive solar design successfully and easily, plus massive sola harvesting potential for solar and heating panels. Thanks to the clever design, none of this can be seen from the front elevation thus not spoiling the streetscape whilst decreasing your homes carbon foot print.

Winner of 2012 Custom Built Home  $625,000 – $800,000 & Finalist of the Prestiges Peter Overman Award for Innovation in Housing Project of the Year