Hampton Style Homes

When I think of a Hampton Home I think of everything in a grand proportions, most are a palace sized cottage on a massive estate nested in the surrounding areas of New York. The estate would boast almost an Olympic sized swimming pool, grass tennis court  and a line of 100 year old trees would hug the driveway. The main Hampton homestead would be flanked by the original workers cottages and stables would that date back to the 18th century. Curved slate roofs with an incredible roof pitch, with gablets that jut out through the roof lines placed sequentially to give a perfect façade, whilst flooding the rooms of the upper floor throwing light across the fabulous timber soffits and accentuating the grandness and scale of the timeless home. Sweeping timber stair cases are a feature of many Hampton Style Home designs, with ornate balustrade and feature timber walls panels guide you through a myriad of rooms and massive hallways. Big open timber balconies, with chunky hand crafted newel posts always take pride and space of the views whilst you bath yourself in sun whilst drinking a cocktail prepared especially for you by your trusted butler.

When I think of a Hampton Home, this is what I see.

At Maughan Building we are a Hampton Style Builder servicing the Perth Metropolitan Area. We can successfully design you a custom Hampton Style home, which  includes the natural materials that make up an authentic style Hampton home. Original lined soffits, big sweeping stair cases, ornate wall panels, with stone and timber featuring throughout the home. A kitchen of grand scale and class with bell shaped light fittings compliment benches. Shaker doors and timeless cupboard handles all these subtle features incorporated together to create this warm timeless and inviting home. The exciting thing about a Hampton style is that there is so many ways that you can decorate your home and make your own, so many materials, light fittings, floor & wall tiles that really don’t work as successfully as they do in a Hampton. Another terrific thing about the Hampton home design, if done in a authentic style, is that it becomes timeless and is still going to look fashionable in 15years time. I could imagine nothing more frustrating that by the time you have paid of your mortgage, it would need renovating! Never fear the Hamptons Style Home is a classic and longevity of design/style is in for the long haul. Maybe that’s why Hampton Homes are so popular?

Now when you look at our website, you will see a lot of modern homes. Its easy for a builder-designer to get pigeon holed for a particular style. We have done in the past two elevations for the same floor plan, our clients can’t believe it’s the same home because they look so different. We are particularly lucky we have a very talented designer and very fortunate to have him as part of our team. We invite you to speak with our past clients, nothing sells a product more than the endorsement from a third party. Don’t be concerned you will end up the next advocate of Maughan Building Company, its just how it happens, people like to share the good experience they have had and thrilled to help a complete stranger to do the same.

Hampton Style Home Building Checklist

With your custom Hampton Style Home, we will take care of everything. Here’s your check list

– Hampton style  custom built design, carried out by one of the most talented designers in Perth with testimonials
– Working drawing
– Engineers
– Building and water authority approvals
– Advice on selection of building materials
– Personalized service
– Build right through to turn key
– Air conditioning design, done
– If you want a pool, we can help you with that too
– landscaping plan, we can connect you to the right people

At Maughan building we are good at what we do, why? Because we are passionate about what we do, we know that everyone wants something tailored to their individual needs and taste.

If a Hampton Style design, custom built home is what you are after, I ask you to consider Maughan Building Company, it costs nothing to chat.

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