Boutique Builder Perth

I think a boutique builder the most common misconception is that all builders are the same, but this is certainly not the case and a boutique home builder is a more specialized builder that will be involved in the design process right through to handover. A boutique builder will only take on limited projects, with a major emphasis on customer service throughout. In addition, a boutique builder should be highly skilled in building complex custom homes.

A good question that you most probably just asked yourself is ‘How do I know just because someone called themselves a boutique builder that in fact they actually are?’ The most common and important rule that I recommend you ask for is references from past clients; not only that you acquire references, but that you ensure that you ring each to ensure their authenticity. Make a list of questions to ask your potential boutique builder and ask past clients the following; How was the builder to deal with? Was he pleasant when communicating with you? Did he keep to budgets? If in fact build budgets were exhausted, what was the cause?

A boutique builder provides a more flexible process and will let you make selections during the process, allowing the client more freedom during the building phase and not insist that all the information is provided upfront.

How is a Project Builder Different from a Boutique Home Builder

With a project or mainstream builder you will deal with lots of different people through the whole process. In the first instance the first person you will deal with a sales person. Typically this is an extremely  personable person who will quite often make you feel very special. However, once you have signed the contract this will be the last time you will be involved with them.

Then you will move into the pre-start phase. A pre-starter, as the name suggests, will help you finalise all of your colour selections, finalise site related costings, (including retaining walls,) upgrade  any changes ranging from your electrical, cabinets ceramic tiles and claddings to finishes through-out the home before commencement onsite. This can be quite costly depending on the changes you are looking to modify in your new home. I’d recommend if you finally chose to take this avenue, that you try and include as much of this as you can pre-contract. This will give you a much clearer idea of what your project will finally cost.

Once you have completed prestart you move into a construction phase. Yes that’s right, yet another person you have to be involved with. Your new point of contact will be a client liaison & they will answer any questions or last minute changes you may have during the construction phase. Of course there will also be a supervisor, but depending on which company, will determine what their policies are in respect of interacting with the supervisor. Again, maybe a question for a potential builder if you go down the project avenue?

Once the home is completed you get yet another person doing your handover and finally another person would be involved with your maintenance. Not once in this whole process have you been involved with the actual builder. In fact the builder only gets involved if there is a big problem. If you think I’m joking, then check it out and see for yourself!

With a boutique builder they’re always involved and easy to contact throughout the entire process. When I build a Boutique Home, I’m involved in the sales, design and construction phases. I’m there at the handover and in the event required, I will be involved in the maintenance. I am the builder and as the definition suggests, I have defined as above, a boutique builder.

We have a designer that is highly skilled in various styles of custom built homes; from modern, contemporary, federation style, Hampton style and Tuscan style home designs. A boutique builder must be passionate about architecture and this would have to be the single most important attribute of a boutique builder because if not, what sets him apart? I would go as far as to say if he isn’t involved at all through the design process, then it’s nothing more than a marketing pitch. If a builder advertisers as a “Boutique Builder” why not ask him? Why do you think you are a boutique builder? If they don’t state that they are involved through every process, accept you do not have a true boutique builder to hand.

A complex custom built home is like a piece of hand crafted furniture – if it doesn’t get the love and attention from a true artisan, it would never be an amazing piece of furniture. It costs no more to have a boutique builder so why not have the builder actually building your home? This way you are guaranteed someone who is passionate, knowledgeable and highly skilled.

Boutique Home Building Checklist

As a custom home builder, we take care of everything. Here’s your check list so you know exactly what you’re getting:

  • Custom built design carried out by one of the most talented designers in Perth, with true testimonials
  • Working drawing
  • Engineers
  • Building and water authority approvals
  • Advice on selection of building materials
  • Highly personalized service
  • Build right through to turn key
  • Air conditioning design
  • Passive Solar Design
  • If you want a pool we can help you with that too
  • Landscaping plan; we can connect you to the right people

At Maughan Building we are good at what we do – why? Because we are passionate about what we do. We know that everyone wants something tailored to their individual needs and taste.

If a boutique builder, building custom built homes and providing genuine customer service throughout is what you are after, I ask you to consider Maughan Building Company. It costs nothing to chat and at least you know we will be with you every step of the way.