Tuscan Style Homes Perth

Italy is the most beautiful country in the world – well certainly that I have ever been to.  I did a tour through Tuscany, leaving from Rome, and what a fantastic city that is. I also traveled to Venice via Sienna, Florence, Cinque Terre, Lake Como and Pisa.

It was unbelievable! The food was delicious, the wine was fantastic and the people are so friendly and welcoming. It was their summer so I’d just come out of a Perth winter – everything seemed just perfect.

However the overwhelming thing that made me fall completely in love with Italy was the architecture. The Tuscan houses are truly amazing and I am passionate about their rustic charm.  The beautiful gardens in Italy with jasmine lining the paths, incredible creepers totally covering some of the houses and massive retaining walls creating such a magnificent landscape, all work together for a stunning effect. I loved the geranium flowers that litter the window boxes creating a stunning contrast and all the herbs and vegetables; especially the tomatoes commonly grown in back yard with grape vines providing a fantastic canopy of shade from the sun; just stunning.

The houses are made from stone, brick and clay tiles, with an eclectic bunch of materials forged together to create something unique. The most interesting thing about the architecture is that quite a lot of the Tuscan style homes are not plumb, square or even level. The render is far from acceptable by Australian standards and while the brickwork is the same, these are by far the most beautiful homes I have ever seen.

The traditional Italian homes have been built with love. The builders have used materials that are available to them at the time and while nothing is technically perfect, it would seem ridiculous trying to change anything. The genuine Tuscan home is timeless; these homes have been built decades ago or even hundreds of years ago and no one is thinking they should change them. It’s like you are walking through a postcard. The two weeks I was in Tuscany I took a couple of thousand photographs – I’m not even kidding! I found myself walking into a new lane lined up with these Tuscan homes and going ‘wow’ and taking a photograph or two. By the time I’d walked down the lane and looked back, I’d have the same reaction that I had at the start and of course take even more photographs.

The thing I find particularly fascinating about a Tuscan design is the ability to mix and match ideas. A Tuscan kitchen traditionally would have timber doors, ceramic tiles and traditional taps. You can do all this and make it a quaint cottage style home or you can include a kitchen with shaker doors and stone tops, I’ve seen a modern kitchen not look out of place in a Tuscan or polished concrete floors where traditionally terracotta tiles would be. Tell me what style of home you can incorporate exposed timber beams to a soffit of your living area and not look out of place. Here in Perth, exposed rafters were massive in the 80’s and now we are ripping them out at the first chance we get. In a Tuscan design that’s what makes then unique and they actually accentuate the home’s beauty.

Juliet balconies and timber glass doors are something to be admired not condemned. Large sweeping stair cases and a wrought iron balustrade is the norm while hand crafted lead light shades add so much colour during the evenings. Bristile Roofing have a range of unique tiles that help create the authentic Tuscan effect that’s not only practical but functional and timeless as well.

Building a Tuscan is almost like a lifestyle change and involves incorporating your own piece of Tuscany in Perth. The good thing about building a modern day Tuscan design is that we can make it aesthetically look authentic while simultaneously incorporating modern technology and creating a more practical and functional design. Most of the Tuscan homes mentioned above are the result of people trying to create the basics; a shelter they could call home. At Maughan Building Company we would not include every traditional feature of an authentic Tuscan build, but rather incorporate a modern design layout, and thus creating a Tuscan home that’s more efficient and better to live in with our temperate climate.

I fell in love so much with the Tuscan lifestyle I’ve incorporated it into my townhouse in South Perth. We have a grape vine growing over the pergola at my entrance and two jasmine vines growing down my side fence. I’ve also included a couple of Boston Ivy plants to grow up the walls of my house. All of these beautiful additions are a tribute to my trip to Europe a few years ago.

Tuscan Home Building Checklist

If you are looking for a Tuscan Builder in Perth we can take care of everything.

Here’s your check list:

– Tuscan custom built design, carried out by one of the most talented designers in Perth, with true testimonials
– Working drawings
– Engineers
– Building and water authority approvals
– Advice on selection of building materials
– Highly personalised service
– Build right through to turn key
– Air conditioning design
– If you want a pool, we can help you with that too
– Landscaping plan;  we can connect you to the right people

At Maughan building we are good at what we do – why? Because we are passionate about what we do and we know that everyone wants something tailored to their individual needs and taste.

If a Tuscan custom built home is what you are after or perhaps a modern Hampton Style home or Federation Style Home, I ask you to consider Maughan Building Company, as one of Perth’s best Boutique Home Builders. It costs nothing to chat.