What a smaller builder offers and why they can be so valuable to you

Hi I’m Rob the Builder I’d like to talk about the benefits of choosing a small builder and why it’s so valuable to you as a customer.

The great advantage of a small builder is like any business owner, no one loves his business like he does. Most importantly keeping his clients happy is going to be his highest priority because he deals with clients directly and relies on word of mouth as his main source of business. One happy customer leads to another and so on.

With a larger building company you will deal with a new person at each stage of the process, from sales to prestart, then construction and even during the handover and post-maintenance. At every step of the way you will have a new face and personality to handle.

Does that sound like a personable experience to you? Wouldn’t it be a lot easier and comfortable throughout if you were dealing with one person through the whole process, with someone you have built a relationship of trust with?

When I build a custom built luxury home I am involved at every stage; from design right through to the handover. My passion is architecture and when clients come to me and want to do something different, I get excited. To me building someone’s dream is the most exhilarating and rewarding experience and through this process and I have forged many lasting friendships over the years. I built a home in Dalkeith over a decade ago for some people I had not met prior to the build and I still go to their home for dinner many years later. They are so house proud of their house, which they still claim feels as though they are on holiday in a luxury resort.

With a small builder, he is actually building your home, not a supervisor. Medium size building companies have up to a dozen supervisors and standards vary greatly. Is this something you want to risk when building your next home?

A question I sometimes get asked when talking to potential clients is: what if something happens to my builder? A good question indeed – I might get hit by a bus! Fortunately, legislation requires under any building contract that the builder must include indemnity insurance. This insurance protects you against anything happening to the builder, should he become insolvent or incapable of completing the work through illness, accident or death, and pays for another builder to continue your home.

So to summarise a small builder gives you:

  • A one on one service from design to handover, dealing with someone who really cares.
  • A builder that’s personally responsible for your build and who is highly motivated to get the job done to the highest standard.
  • You are always protected should something happen to your builder.

Finally, I can’t stress this enough; whoever you build with check them out. Get referees, ring them and ask to go and have a look at their home – what have you got to lose? You will be surprised by the results. Building a home is personal experience and when you do the right thing by people, they want you to have the same experience.

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