Rob The Builder: Designing your new home

Hi I’m Rob the builder and what I’d like to talk to you about today is designing your new home.
The design of your new home is the single most important part of the building process and I’m going to explain why.

Not all designers are the same and how do some designers manage to get it so wrong? They may have beautiful web sites showing you an array of amazing looking homes. However, if you study their designs more closely you might see there is barely one window facing north and a garage is placed in this prime location.

Designing your new home doesn’t have to be highly complex, but it is critical to engage a professional to get the best result.

The first important note is to invest in and pay for a design. Getting a design done for free or very little money might seem appealing but the results could be disastrous. Getting a design done by a potential builder or building broker in the hope they win a contract is unlikely to get you the best design. If you are paying $3,000 dollars for a million plus contract, this is not enough. I would have grave doubts about the skill level of your designer or the amount of hours required to give you a quality product.

The second important note is just how qualified is your builder, designer or architect? Just because someone has a PHD in architecture, doesn’t mean they can design. Designers can improve over time, but without natural talent the design will be far from awesome.

A third important note; can your designer meet budget targets? It doesn’t matter how great your plans are, if they don’t meet build budget, you will just have worthless pieces of paper that will one day end up in the bin. Don’t let someone be responsible for killing your potential dream. It is best to get some sort of guarantee that the professional you are engaging is going to meet your expectations. Before trusting you your designer, ask for references.

A fourth important note is to make a wish list that is simple but which aligns your build budget. I ask my clients to make a wish list to include about 10 or 12 items. An example of this might be that you have views to the rear of the block and you want a bedroom and living areas upstairs. This may be because the style of home you would like on the elevation or your partner is an averred bike rider and needs extra space in the garage for storage. Keep it simple and get your designer to do all the work – after all, you have invested in them to be the best for your project so make them earn their money.

Fifth important note; make sure your house is a passive solar design and we can include any style of home to include this function. Windows do not simply need to face north as the sun must enter your home in winter to become effective. In addition you want to try and prevent the full heat of the sun entering during summer. With our temperate climate we are trying to make your home as comfortable between the seasons.

If you put all five of my points into practise, you will be on the right path to choosing the right designer for you!

At Maughan Building we are a Luxury Home Builder Perth. We build Custom Modern Home Designs including the following designs  Hampton Style Home Designs, Federation Style Homes Designs, Tuscan Style Home Designs and many other contemporary and modern home designs.

For more building tips.  Checkout rob the builder on YouTube:

Designing your new home in Perth

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