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If your dream home is a rustic manor on the edge of Lake Como, then this new custom Tuscan style home design by Maughan Building Co might be just what you’re looking for.

You won’t have George Clooney for a neighbour but surrounded by the detailed stonework, grand archways, cedar window frames and other Tuscan style details it’ll certainly be easier to visualise him waving from his balcony next door whilst you manicure your hedges.

The inspiration for this beautiful home came from a recent trip to Europe taken by Maughan Building Co, Builder & Director, Rob Maughan, in fact the design concept has been laid over an original photo taken by Maughan at Lake Como.  Talking about the aspect of his travels that inspired him, Maughan recalls, “I had a gap in projects and thankfully my travel agent convinced me to take a tour from Rome through to Venice as it was a trip that supercharged my sensors! Rome is the most incredible place I’d ever been to, the people, the food & of course the architecture are unbelievable. The trip took in Cinque Terre – “God’s Country” I call it, an eclectic bunch of buildings that somehow complement each other to form a beautiful place.

Often previously wondering about the authenticity of other Tuscan Style homes being built in Perth, after seeing the ‘real thing’ first hand, Maughan was compelled on his return to design a home with true Tuscan characteristics and style.


“With any style of building, design & material selection is paramount, and I would jump at an opportunity to build this home or something similar in an authentic style utilising local rock and stone and other quality natural materials.

In fact my dream would be to replicate a whole Tuscan village!” says Maughan.  “If I was being honest with myself, my trip really challenged my thought process as to what makes a beautiful home, nothing in these authentic homes is plumb, level or square but here I was appreciating this and seeing home design in an entirely different light. This really hit home for me after returning to Perth where I was soon setting up a laser level for a ground slab for accuracy within millimetres over a 500m2 area.” Laughing Maughan says… “I think that’s where you really see the true beauty in imperfection.

In the past I’ve predominantly designed very contemporary homes, with clean and simple lines, but after my trip I had the idea to design a Tuscan cottage… somehow it’s grown into more of a palace than a cottage, definitely something I like to think George Clooney might reside in.

Download PDF from WA Custom Homes 2017


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