Rob the Builder: The Pitfalls of Building and what to look out for

Hi, I’m Rob the Builder and what I want to talk about to you today is the pitfalls of building and what to look out for.

I could literally write a thesis on this subject matter, but in this article I shall just outline the most important basics!

This is my advice

  • Qualify your designer – are they going to meet your build budget? Have they got the right skills and experience to produce a quality product? Get some sort of guarantee that they can and will meet your build budget? Get references and ring them – ask them these type of questions:
  • Ask for references and follow them up. Ask former clients the following: Was the build done in a satisfactory time? Did the builder keep to your budget? If the budget was exhausted, what was the cause? Was the builder professional to deal with? Was he helpful at making selections? Would you build with him again? Make sure the builder supplies you with a comprehensive quote and make sure you insist on an electrical plan regardless, even if it’s at the design stage.
  • This is probably the biggest financial investment you will make in your life. It’s vital you are confident the people you are engaging with are professionals and providing you with the right information. If you feel apprehensive, there is probably a good reason for it. Trust your hunch and only commit when you are 100% sure you have the right builder.
  • The biggest complaint I get from potential clients wanting me to take over their project is cost blow outs. Thus almost always this happens post-contract at prestart. This mainly occurs  because the builder hasn’t given enough information during the sales process. Yes the builder has provided some comprehensive plans, but almost always the specification isn’t what they thought it was going to be OR the sales person has convinced them they should upgrade on certain features. If you want to upgrade your kitchen doors to two pack painted, get the price pre-contract. Don’t be bullied by the sales person to do it later.
  • But almost all of what I’ve just explained can be illuminated by going back to my original advice – qualify everyone, get references and ring them. Most importantly, refer back to your list of questions of what you want from your builder or designer and run through that list diligently.

If you follow the important points above you are on the right path to choosing the right builder for you.

At Maughan Building we are a Perth custom home builder  and Modern Home Builder.

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