Our mission is to provide exclusive, luxury, custom built homes to suit your budget. At Maughan Building Company we believe that creating a unique building is akin to creating a piece of art.  Every project confronts us with a different set of challenges – the client’s brief, the budget, the orientation and the topography of an individual site. The old cliché states “the bigger the challenge, the bigger the trophy”.

We believe a sloping block isn’t as easy to build on as a flat block, however, designing a custom built home that opens up to different levels, angles and spaces is a challenge that we, at Maughan Building Company, have the skills and expertise to help you to achieve the outcome you desire. We can create a design which allows you to navigate throughout the home, encapsulating the garden in such a way that it becomes an extension of your living room, and  permits the natural light to move throughout the home at different stages of the day.

A depth of knowledge and competence is required to incorporate all these attributes to successfully achieve the full potential from your site. Rob Maughan has been quoted as saying “creating a new home is like writing poetry, essentially they are just words, but it’s the combination in which these words are presented that makes them something special”.  It’s similar with a home – it’s all bricks and mortar but it’s the combination that creates something exclusive and timeless.